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Automated AI Safety Platform

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Managing AI products across your organization, our platform harnesses the power of AI itself to ensure your systems are effective, compliant, and safe. Unlike traditional approaches that rely on manual efforts, we leverage cutting-edge AI to track, assess, report, and manage both in-house and externally acquired AI solutions.

Realtime AI Safety Requirements Mapping

Assess AI product risk classifications, analyze AI Safety laws, and identify customer contracts with relevant AI Safety requirements.

Feature 01

Automated AI Safety Evidence Gathering

Collate information from multiple diverse sources to document your AI Safety processes and implemented features of each AI product.

Incident Response Records Compliance Audits User Feedback Loops Risk Assessment Protocols Safety Innovation Examples Transparency Reports Performance Tests Ethical AI Guidelines

Extensive Vulnerability Identification

Identify AI Safety gaps across various markets and AI product suites.

Feature 03

Automated AI Safety Expertise

Leverage cutting-edge algorithms to gain AI safety insights into compliance adherence.

Automated AI Safety Bench Test

Evaluate your AI's safety performance against industry benchmarks with our automated tools.

Automated GAP Analysis & Reporting

Identify and document safety compliance gaps and improvement areas with automated reports.

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead by ensuring your AI products exceed safety standards and market expectations.

Progress Tracking

Track your AI Safety enhancements continuously with our intuitive features.


Safeguard sensitive data with our privacy-first approach to AI Safety analysis and reporting.

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