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We believe in an AI-enabled future where AI reaches its full potential for the greater good and people have confidence in the safety of AI systems in their everyday life.

We develop innovative AI safety tools for anybody who builds, buys or uses AI.


Combining expertise in technology and law, our founders excel in creating AI solutions for retail loss prevention, biometric security, and identity verification. This partnership drives Progressio.AI forward, addressing AI Safety with innovation and integrity.

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Margaret Hartnett
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Bogdan Oprea
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Michael Teichner
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Celia Hartnett

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We unite as dreamers, innovators, and pioneers, committed to AI excellence and safety. Join us to tackle challenges, create impactful solutions, and lead the AI revolution with the brightest minds.


Passionate about life and innovation, we seek individuals who infuse technology with a profound respect for nature.


Defined by motivation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, your energy turns visionary ideas into transformative solutions.


Fueled by scientific curiosity, your pursuit of knowledge advances ethical AI, shaping a safer technological future.

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